Juneau Area Veterans Memorial

...a site of contemplation - to reflect, remember and heal.

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About the Memorial...

The idea of a Veterans Memorial had been a dream of many Juneau area veterans for years. With the support of many area citizens and businesses it is finally become a reality.

Located on the grounds of the Juneau Public Library, the memorial is dedicated to the men and women who served our country. It is a quiet, reflective and educational place in which to remember the sacrifices of war and give thanks to those who served our country in the name of freedom and to provide a lasting tribute to the fine men and women who have served our country.Memorial

The Statue

The memorial consists of a life size statue of a soldier and is intended to represent and honoring all veterans, both living and deceased, who have served our nation. It was erected as a lasting tribute to the fine men and women who gave so many sacrifices for our country. It stands as an example of so many military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, and whose families are still missing them.

Commemorative Brick Pathway

A commemorative, granite brick pathway leads visitors on their journey through history and surrounds the statue and memorial wall. These commemorative bricks are available for anyone who wants to show their support for veterans and may be engraved with the wording of your choosing and include your or your family's name. You may also have bricks engraved with the name, rank and service branch of family, friends and loved ones who served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans need not be Juneau area residents. Bricks may be in honor of those who are still living, on active duty, missing in action or in memory of those who are deceased. For more information on how to purchase a commemorative brick, please visit our Honor a Veteran page.

The Memorial Walls

The memorial pays tribute to those who served in all branches of the Armed Forces. The memorial hosts two black granite panels with the names of veterans engraved on them and are open to all veterans. If your name, or that of a family member or loved one is not on one of the memorial walls, names can still be added. The lettering on the wall is limited to 22 characters, including spaces. Please see our Honor a Veteran page for more information.


As you visit the memorial and read the inscription engraved below the POW/MIA emblem, you can't help but take to heart its profound message. It is a powerful reminder of the many veterans still unaccounted for and of the families with loved ones still missing.

We cannot forget them. They will always be in our minds, our hearts, and in our prayers.