Juneau Area Veterans Memorial

...a site of contemplation - to reflect, remember and heal.

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The Juneau Area Veterans Memorial is dedicated to all the men and women from all branches of the Armed Forces that have served and sacrificed in our nation’s defense.

The purpose of this memorial is to create and maintain a dignified Veterans Memorial reflecting contributions made by veterans from all branches of the military throughout the history of the United States, and to acknowledge and honor the courage, commitment, and heroism demonstrated by all veterans past and present.

The memorial is located on the grounds of the Juneau Public Library at 250 NorthJuneau Area Veterans Memorial Statue Fairfield Avenue in Juneau, Wisconsin. The convenient location provides easy access to residents and visitors with ample parking.

The concept for this memorial was predicated on the fact that in each conflict, lives and countries were pulled into, abruptly interrupted by, and intertwined with moments of intense passion and conflict, commitment and escape, euphoria and desperation. This memorial honors the courage and dedication of America’s brave veterans as truly one of the greatest gifts ever given.

“To have this memorial constructed here in Juneau signifies to all who visit
that we do, indeed honor those who serve and those who gave their life
for the cause of freedom.”

                                                    ~ Charles Griffin

We hope you will visit the Juneau Area Veterans Memorial soon. Plan to spend some time reflecting on the sacrifices our veterans made and continue to make each day. We hope that this memorial will help express our appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice. It's a moving experience you won't soon forget.

Should you have questions about the memorial and/or on how to honor a veteran, please contact Charles Griffin at (920) 386-2102.